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The alghorythm used to generate the NINO code is the same that guarantees basic authentication on website forms, as it merely follows a given pattern. Generated NINO's are possibly not even real and shouldn't be used on attempt of any illegal activity.

What is NINO?

A "National Insurance Number" is a unique identifier issued by the UK government to individuals who are eligible to work and pay National Insurance contributions. The National Insurance Number is similar in function to the Social Security Number (SSN) in the United States or the Social Insurance Number (SIN) in Canada.

The NINO is used for various purposes, including tax and social security administration. It helps ensure that individuals' contributions and benefits are accurately recorded. The format of a UK NINO typically consists of two letters, six numbers, and a final letter, following the pattern: LLNNNNNNL. The letters do not carry any specific meaning, and the numbers are assigned randomly.

Generation and Validation of NINO

Neither of the first two letters can be D, F, I, Q, U or V. The second letter also cannot be O. The prefixes BG, GB, NK, KN, TN, NT and ZZ are not allocated. Validation lists of issued two-letter prefixes are published from time to time.

After the two prefix letters, the six digits are issued sequentially from 00 00 00 to 99 99 99. The last two digits determine the day of the week on which various social security benefits are payable and when unemployed claimants need to attend their Jobcentre to sign on (renew their claims): 00 to 19 for Monday, 20 to 39 for Tuesday, 40 to 59 for Wednesday, 60 to 79 for Thursday and 80 to 99 for Friday.

The suffix letter is either A, B, C, or D. (although F, M, and P have been used for temporary numbers in the past). The NI number is unique without the suffix letter, so, for example, if AB 12 34 56 C exists, then there will be no other numbers beginning with AB 12 34 56 (although temporary numbers were not necessarily unique, because two people with the same date of birth would have had the same number). In official electronic submissions, the final letter may be represented by a space if not known.

Using the tool

This tool was developed for programmers and testers who have the constant need to enter different NINO numbers in developing forms.